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With HR Supply's expansive selection of commercial cooking equipment in Fall River, MA you'll be able to find the right selection of pieces to supply your food service. From commercial restaurant ranges for your large restaurant kitchen operation to the specialty cooking equipment you need for your food truck or local coffee shop, to the refrigeration, fryers, ice machines and stainless steel work stations and equipment you need is here. Stop in our showroom Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm and check out all we have to offer or call one of our customer service representatives for questions on a specific piece your operation requires. 

Wholesale Commercial Fridges and Freezers
Commercial Restaurant Ranges and Ovens

We have the Commercial Ranges and ovens that your restaurant/food services operation needs. Electric, gas powered, as well as induction style ranges are available. We offer a variety of brands including Asber, Southbend, Vulcan, Garland and Blodgett.

Garland Commercial Stoves
Southbend Commercial Range Distributor Fall River, MA
Asber Commercial Ovens and Ranges
Vulcan Wholesale Distributor Fall River, MA
Blodgett Wholesale Distibutor Fall River, MA
Commercial Electric and Gas Deep Fryers 

Offering both electric and gas commercial deep fryers at our Fall River, MA showroom. For efficient cooking and fast recovery an electric deep fryer might be the right choice for you. For rapid heating and temperature maintenance with higher cook volumes a gas deep fryer may better fit your needs. Consult with one of our sales representative and we can help you decide which fits best in your kitchen operation. Offering Pitco brand floor and counter-top fryers. We also have a large selection of small-wares, supplying you with everything needed to run you deep fryer efficiently, including baskets and oil. 

Pitco Electric and Gas Deep Fryers - Fall River, MA
Commercial Grills, Griddles, and Broilers

The commercial grills, griddles and broilers are a great solution for the local diner or favored lunch restaurant. We offer commercial griddles and flat top grills in both electric and gas models. They are a great way to serve up items from your lunch and breakfast menus like pancakes, home-fries, and more. While char-broilers are a great way to cook up meats, poultry and seafood. We even offer outdoor grills that can help support your cooking needs for your next outdoor catered event. We offer a variety of brands including Asber, Southbend, Vulcan, and Garland.

Asber Food Service Grills - Fall River, MA
Southbend Wholesale Distributor - Fall River, MA
Vulcan Wholesale Distrobutor - HR Supply Co
Garland Commercial Kitchen Grills - HR Supply Co
Food Service Commercial Kitchen Equipment Wholesale Sales - Commerical Grills, Griddles and Broilers - HR Supply Co
Commercial Convection Ovens - HR Supply
Commercial Convection Ovens, Steamers and Heaters

We offer some of the most trusted and durable ovens on the market including convection ovens, pizza ovens, microwave ovens, and steamers. Commercial convection ovens use fans to move hot air evenly over and around food, cooking it evenly and more efficiently. That means you can easily avoid burning or under-cooking food. Making your kitchen operation more efficient, especially if you operate a chain restaurant. Heated cabinets control temperatures so that the food you've cooked to perfection stay hot until the moment that it is served, without sacrificing flavor and reducing food waste. We offer a variety of brands including Duke, Southbend, Vulcan, and Alto Shaam.

Southbend Wholesale Sales - Convection Ovens
Duke Manufacturing - Wholesale Distributor
Alto Sham Products for sale
Vulcan Wholesale Sales - Fall River, MA
Hot Dog Grills, Toasters, Warmers and Popcorn Makers

Shop a variety of specialty commercial cooking equipment including hot dog makers and equipment, commercial toasters, warmers and popcorn makers. We have the niche or specialty equipment you need for your food service operation. 

Hot Dog Grills, Toasters and Popcorn Makers
Work Stations
commercial stainless steel kitchen work tables
Commercial Stainless Steel Work Tables, Sinks and Cabinets

Prep your next world class menu on one of the many stainless steel work stations that HR Supply has to offer. Work Stations, Tables, Sinks and Cabinets come in a variety of styles and types. We carry both John Boos and Advance Tabco models. Both options are heavy duty and durable. Increase work space and storage space in your commercial kitchen.

John Boos Commercial Stainless Steel Work Tables and Sink Cabinets - Wholesale Sales
Advance Tabco - Sales - Fall River, MA
Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers

Hr Supply dealer with a multitude of major manufacturers when it comes to your refrigeration needs including Continental Refrigeration, Beverage Air, Turbo Air, Kelvinator and more. Commercial Refrigeration is an integral part of ensuring the quality, health, and safety standards of the food you serve your customers. We offer a variety of options including glass door merchandisers, reach-in refrigerators, under counter refrigeration, back bar coolers, commercial refrigerator freezers and more. 

True Manufacturing - Commercial Refridgerator and Freezer Sales - HR Supply Co
Continental- Commercial Refridgerator and Freezer Sales - HR Supply Co
BevAir - Commercial Refridgerator and Freezer Sales - HR Supply Co
Turbo Air - Commercial Refridgerator and Freezer Sales - HR Supply Co
Kelvinator - Commercial Refridgerator and Freezer Sales - HR Supply Co
Commercial Kithcen Refridgerator and Freezer Sales - HR Supply Co
Commercial Kitchen and Food Service Ice Makers - Sales - Fall River, MA
Commercial Ice Machine Systems and Equipment

We offer the commercial ice makers you need for your restaurant, bar, coffee shop, concession stand, hospital and more. If your food service organization serves any type of beverage then you'll require a commercial ice maker or machine of some sort. We offer a variety of ice makers including nugget ice machines, flake ice machines, ice dispensers, and more. We offer a variety of brands including Glastender, Sctosman, and Manitowoc.

Glastender - Icer Makers and Machines - Wholesale Sales - HR Supply Co
Scotsman Ice Machine Systems
Manitowoc Ice Machine Systems - Sales - HR Supply Co
Commercial Dish Washers and Dish Washing Equipment

Stock your kitchen with the best possible commercial kitchen dishwashers and equipment. HR Supply offers commercial dish washers and equipment. The brands we sell set the new standard for dish-washing equipment and the variety of models feature expansive options,  including steam reduction compression, water and energy savings, and space efficiency. Check out some of the great options we offer today!

Hobart Dishwashers - Sales - HR Supply Co
CMA Dish Machines - Sales - HR Supply Co - Fall River, MA
Wholsale Dishwasher and Dish Machines - HR Supply Co
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