Commercial Food Preparation Equipment & Supplies

Every dish on your menu, sandwich in your deli, or smoothie in your shake shop requires some type of food preparation equipment or supplies. Having the right Commercial Grade Food Preparation Equipment in your kitchen operation can reduce food waste and increase productivity. Saving you both money and time. That can mean preparing just about anything for your commercial kitchen operation, such as fruit smoothies in a blender, slicing up meats for club sandwiches, mixing dough for your a bakery, pastry shop, or pizza joint. Whatever your food preparation needs are at HR Supply in Fall River, MA we offer commercial food preparation equipment that is not only reliable, but durable. Browse through our large selection and customize your commercial kitchen with the perfect selection of food preparation equipment and supplies. Stop in our showroom Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm and check out all we have to offer or call one of our customer service representatives for questions on a specific piece your operation requires. 

Commercial Dough Processors

When it comes to dough processors, depending on the type of kitchen operation that you run you may have very specific requirements. At HR Supply we offer a variety of dough processing equipment including rounders, hexagon dividers, round dividers, butter presses, and pizza spinners. Dough processing equipment  models offered include automatic, semi-automatics and manual .Shop well know commercial food preparation brands at our showroom such as, Univex and Somerset Industries. 

Commercial Meat Slicing Equipment

At HR Supply Co we've got the meat slicers that your deli operation needs. Whether your a sandwich shop, food truck, or local deli market we've got the perfect selection of commercial meat slicing equipment for your kitchen operation. We offer a variety of meat slicing equipment including Gravity Feed Slicers, Premier and Prosciutto Slicers. We Offer some of the latest technology in motion, geometry, energy and hygiene, through distributors such as Berkel. While Univex meat slicers offer high precision slicing, exceptional blade protection for operator’s safety, and ease of cleaning. Hobart's Heavy Duty slicers can help you deliver precision with every cut, while their patented knife removal tool, optional on select models, allows the knife to be completely removed during the cleaning process

Commercial Food Processors 

Slice, dice, shred, knead, chop and more with our large selection of brand name Commercial Food Processors. Get near-limitless prep options with a food processor from brands like Robot Coupe, and do the prep work in a fraction of the time it takes to do manually. Waring Commercial offers combination bowl cutters and continuous feed food processors with patented LIquidlock® seal systems and dicing. While the variety of KitchenAid® models available offer optimized speeds to ensure precise results every time, are easy to use, clean and store.

Commercial Mixer and Mixing Equipment

At HR Supply Co We offer a variety of commercial kitchen mixers and mixing equipment. With mixers that come with a multitude of different attachments, from distributors like KitchenAid® you can make everything from fresh pasta to burgers, veggie noodles, ice cream and more. The right stand mixer can turn into the culinary center of your kitchen operation. When it comes to high volume preparation Univex mixers are a kitchen's most versatile piece of equipment. Hobart full line of counter-top and floor mixers help you streamline your kitchen’s food preparation needs with the appropriate power and torque for the job. Mix up buttercream frostings, whipped cream or mashed potatoes.

Commercial Meat Grinders

At HR Supply we off a variety of Heavy-duty, gear-driven meat grinders through top kitchen and restaurant distributors such as Univex. Get top quality products, total customer satisfaction, and quality you can count on. 

Commercial Coffee Maker, Blender and Toasters

Add a commercial coffee maker to your establishment, next catered event or break room. Whether you’re purchasing an espresso maker for your breakfast cafe, or you simply need a coffee maker for your hospital cafeteria, we have you covered. We've got your back as well when it comes to heavy-duty blenders. Chop, mix and shred large loads that need long blending times with powerful commercial grade motors. Our distributors toasters will help keep your kitchen running smoothly. We've got commercial toasters to fit every need an kitchen configuration. At HR Supply we offer coffee brewers, toasters and blenders with a variety of capacities. Find the best choice for your low- or high-volume establishment.

Commercial Faucets and Fixtures

Through our distributor T&S Brass and Bronze Works, Inc. HR Supply is able to offer faucets, fittings and specialty products and accessories for the food service, industrial, commercial plumbing and laboratory markets. That includes pre-rinse units, manual faucets, sensor faucets, waste valves and more.  Get the Commercial Faucets and Fixtures that your kitchen operation needs to wash and rinse produce, or purchase touch free sensor faucets for your washroom to reduce the spread of germs. 

Commercial Food Service Floor Mats

At HR Supply we have the Commercial Kitchen and Food Service Mats necessary to run your operation without the concern for spills and slips. We offer a variety of high quality food service mats through our supplier Cactus Mat including cook-line floor mats, bar service floor mats, walk ins & runners, prep area floor mats and more. 


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