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4 Cool Refrigeration Maintenance Tips.

A little routine maintenance can help avoid big expensive repairs. Here’s how:

1. Dust off the condenser coils.

Vacuum accumulated dust with a crevice or brush attachment, or whisk it away with a small brush. Cleaning helps the compressor to work efficiently, save electricity and even prevent compressor burn out.

2. Cover acidic foods.

Store acidic foods such as tomatoes and pickles in plastic containers with tight-fitting lids. These foods emit acids that in time will corrode refrigerant lines and trigger unnecessary repairs.

3. Clear the drain each day .

Your refrigerator’s drain and drip pan allow condensation to evaporate. Remove any food particles or other obstructions from the drain and keep an open space around the drain opening. Mop down walk-in cooler interiors daily. You’ll prevent interior floods, ice build-up in freezers and potential condenser

4. Check rubber door gaskets weekly.

Clean gaskets with a damp cloth and check them for any cracks, peeling or uneven sealing. A tight seal is crucial to preventing air leaks and saving on electricity. Air leaks make the compressor and condenser work constantly, which can lead to compressor burn out.

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