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Did You Know? Your ice machine needs more than a slap-dash cleaning.

Bacteria and more can hide from a routine “empty the ice, wash it down, done” cleaning.

What is paramount is a clean machine that produces safe ice for your customers. Stepping up

regular maintenance reduces risk for your business and benefits you in the long run with:

  •  Sanitary ice

  •  Reliable, peak ice production

  •  Avoidance of costly repairs

What should you do? Regularly take the machine apart to clean those nooks and crannies

thoroughly because bacteria, viruses, mold, brown slime and mineral scales can build up in places you normally can’t reach. You should also preventively address any performance issues that can stem from problems such as clogged water filters, low water pressure, ice blockages – even an un-level machine.

If you’re not comfortable tackling a regular cleaning/preventive maintenance plan yourself,

consider service from a professional refrigeration company.

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